Kaksi hotellin sänkyä ja koivutapetti


Moominworld is a Moomin-themed theme park founded in 1993 in Naantali on the island of Kailo. The Moomin Blue Tower House is the heart of the Moomin World, which of course has to be explored from the attic all the way to the jam cellar. But there’s a lot more to Moomin Island – maybe more than you might think if you haven’t visited before. Check out the places before you arrive so you know a little bit about what to expect. The Moomin World can be reached from Hotel Loimu in 15 minutes by car, and the Moomin World can also be conveniently reached by public transport.


We have packaged accommodation and tickets to Moominworld for an affordable package price. The hotel accommodation includes free parking, breakfast and of course a quality and renovated room. In addition to this, 2 entrance tickets to Moomin World. Additional admission tickets can be purchased on our website when booking a room. Moominworld tickets are valid for 2 consecutive days.